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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Is my personal and credit card information safe?

a. Our website is secured using a Rapid SSL Certificate. This ensues that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted. No credit card information is kept on file.


Q. What taxes are paid?

 a. All Federal tobacco and tube excise taxes are pre-paid and included in our prices. Consumers are responsible for reporting and paying any state/local taxes that may be due. Online and mail order cigarettes (including roll your own cigarette tobacco) and smokeless tobacco sellers are required by the "Jenkins Act" to report their out of state sales. Since Value Tobacco doesn't sell cigarettes (including roll your own cigarette tobacco) and smokeless tobacco, we are not required to do so.


Q. What if one of my items is out of stock?

a. We will email you within 24 hours to advise when we could get your purchase to you and find out what you would like to do.


Q. What are the difference between full flavor and light tubes?

a. There is no difference at all as far as strength, the difference is in the look of your cigarette. Full flavor tubes have brown tips and lights have white tips and all Premier menthol tubes and Zen menthol 100mm are white tipped and Zen menthol king are brown tipped. kings full flavor, kings light and kings menthol have 17mm filters. 100mm full flavor, 100mm light and 100mm menthol have 25mm filters.


Q.  What is your advice on taking care on my machine?

a.  Here is an article from RYO Magazine about our top machines we carry.

The Premier Supermatic, Supermatic II, Excel and now the Republic Top-O-Matic machines are without peer in the world of crank-style, table-top tube injectors. However, as robust as these machine are, they, like all precision tools, must be used knowledgeably and with care. By strictly adhering to the following simple recommendations, the trouble-free life of these machines can effectively be extended indefinitely. Print it out if you like.

1. Read all directions that come with the machines and save them for future reference.

2. Never allow anyone not trained in the use of these machines to use them. I cannot over-emphasize the fact that the single largest cause of injector failure is its use by someone who has not been trained by the owner of the machine or read the instructions that come with each machine.

3. We have seen first-hand, many people putting downward pressure on the injector handle when injecting. This WILL invariably cause problems. Always use smooth and even force applied horizontally to the machine, never putting weight on the handle during the injection process.

4. Use medium to fine-cut tobaccos of medium to long length, never pipe tobacco type cuts or other very short cut, bulky blends.

5. Never use tobacco that is overly moist, or overly dry. The overly dry category includes the powdery tobacco residue often found at the bottom of tobacco bags. This "Shake" will definitely jam the injector. In the humid summer months you can assume your tobacco will often become too moist - so watch it carefully and dry as necessary before injecting.

6. Finally should your injector become jammed, or even require a little more pressure than normal to inject, STOP immediately, open the injector "crank" and clear the tobacco chamber using a non-metallic probe. Follow this up with a few dry injection motions (no tobacco). Forcing the injector when jammed with tobacco is the primary cause of failure in all injectors.

7. These machines have warranties that are a minimum of one year up to a Lifetime warranty on a few Premier Supermatics. However, if you follow the above procedures, as well as adhere to the instructions that come with each machine, you will most likely never need to send a machine in for service. 

Q. How do I contact you?

A.  You may contact us via email at:





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